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Company Info

We at ganja seeds are not breeders, we are bulk importers of the highest quality seeds from the highest rated seed companies in the world.we track down the best strains,cup winners and best sellers then we import in bulk to keep the end cost to a minimum.

whilst cultivating our seeds you can be rest assured you have the true genetics that you paid for as we are not breeders growing bagseed like some competitors, all our genetics can be traced to their benchmark breeders in Europe and America.

Ganja seeds south africa is a revolutionary Seed Supplier, supplying individuals and companies with the highest quality strains for a fraction of the price. We guarantee the highest germination rates with our seeds! We import in bulk from only the best international breeders. We have strong ties with breeders such as Dutch passions seeds Amsterdam, Dinafem Spain and many more.

Please note, Cannabis seeds are illegal to germinate in many countries, They are intended for preservation for  collectors as souvenirs.

We are also the First CIPRO Registered Seedbank IN S.A.


We are A DutchPassion Approved Dealer